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EN-SCI ECC Ozonesonde

EN-SCI is the leader in scientific ozone measurement research. The ECC Ozonesonde developed by Walter Komhyr is the standard tool used around the world for ozone research studies.

ECC Ozonesonde

EN-SCI ECC Ozonesonde
A lightweight, compact, and inexpensive balloon-borne instrument for measuring atmospheric ozone.

Cryogenic Frost Point Hygrometer

EN-SCI ECC Ozonesonde
A sonde that precisely measures water vapor at elevations from the earth’s surface to the mid-stratosphere.

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EN-SCI has attended ISARRA 2018 event

A community of scientists discussed the use of unmanned aircraft for atmospheric research. EN-SCI see’s this as an excellent opportunity to modify their well known and successful ECC Ozonesonde to fit inside these small unmanned aircrafts. This would allow data of the ozone to be collected at a horizontal level rather than the traditional vertical level you get from a weather balloon. Visit to learn more about this event.

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Products produced by EN-SCI conform with the protection standards within the European Economic Area.

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