Weather Balloon

Multiple models available to reach your desired elevation

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Balloon ModelPayloadBurst Diameter NeckElevation
KCI 8001050g700cm / 23.0ft3cm29.3km / 96,100ft
KCI 10001050g786cm / 25.8ft3cm31.3km / 102,600ft
KCI 12001050g863cm / 28.3ft3cm33.2km / 108,900ft
KCI 15001050g944cm / 31.0ft3cm34.2km / 112,200ft
KCI 20001050g1054cm / 34.6ft5cm35.4km / 116,100ft
KCI 30001050g1300cm / 42.7ft5cm37.9km / 124,300ft
*Burst altitudes will change due to increased payloads, weather conditions at the tropopause and other environmental factors.

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