EN-SCI Ozonizer Test Unit

The ozonizer/test unit is designed for conditioning ECC Ozonesondes with ozone and for checking the performance of the sondes prior to flight. 

This durable, easy-to-use unit includes the following components:

NEW KTU Unit April 16_1024

  • A HI OZONE source for conditioning the sondes and dry sensor with ozone
  • A NO-LO OZONE source and microammeter (0-10 µA) for conditioning ozone sensors charged with sensing solution, and for checking on the sensor background current and response time
  • A 12 VDC sonde pump power supply and meters for checking the pump motor voltage and current drain
  • An 18 VDC power source for powering the radiosonde when checking on the performance of the entire ozonesonde instrument package

 How to Order

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